Free Poker Software for Poker Tracker 3

Since my retirement from online poker and the disaster of Black Friday, I haven’t been updating my site or custom HUDs for PT3 as often.

So I’ve decided to do something revolutionary and release my first custom HUD, aka The Crusher, for free/open source. I won over $30k using this HUD and it helped me climb up the limits to a point where I could consider myself a professional online poker player.

The Crusher HUD was the first HUD ever to feature pop-ups that detailed an opponents’ hand ranges after taking a specific preflop action. Take a look:

And it’s not just me who’s boasted a higher win rate because of The Crusher. Others have used it and found it to be a tremendous help to their game. From this thread:

I have been using Bloods original hud for a while, and I think that it has been a significant part of the reason for my poker success. blood is a very good player who understands what information is required to make the best possible decisions at the table, and this is the basis for the effectiveness of his products. Without his hud, Id have to spend countless hours more away from the table analyzing hands and taking notes on my opponents. Instead, the hud tells me everything I need to know without any effort, and in a very effective manner. – goretexg

I had been playing poker for about a year now. The area I struggled most with in my play was applying hand ranges. It’s not very hard to determine your opponent’s play style but it’s far more difficult to know what hands he is 4-betting or calling your 3-bets with. With “Crusher” my play improved significantly (from loosing to winning). – TOP3_LT

if every player had this HUD the game would be really hard… – simosimo

You can download and own this HUD right now for free here.

I am comfortable giving this product away because virtually everyone who has purchased The Crusher has later upgraded to The Destroyer. Once one realizes how powerful these poker software products are and how much they can improve one’s winrate, they readily pick up The Destroyer HUD and never look back.

Another Big Change

And in another revolutionary move, I’m dropping the price of The Destroyer HUD and the Flop Defense Notes. Since 98% of my customers have never needed any customer support or assistance, I’m lowering the price on the products, and offering one-on-one customer assistance using Skype and Teamviewer for a small fee instead.

So for example, The Destroyer HUD and Flop Defense Notes package used to cost $90. Now it costs $75. And one half hour of one-on-one computer assistance costs $15. So for 98% of my future customer base, they will be saving $15. For the 2% that need or want the assistance, they will now be getting top notch one-on-one service even better than I’ve ever offered before at the same $90 price.

As you can guess, this will mean I will be spending less time answering questions in the forum. Since I am no longer living, breathing, studying poker, I’m just not online enough to check the forum as often as I used to.

I’d always prided myself on having the best customer service, and this will be a way to still offer that service and also offer a better value for most customers.

The New Pricing

The Crusher HUD = FREE!

The Destroyer HUD + The Flop Defense Notes = $75.00 (Save $15!)
The Destroyer HUD = $70.00
The Flop Defense Notes = $20.00
1/2 Hour of One-On-One Technical Support = $15.00

Have Purchased Flop Defense Notes, Now Purchasing Destroyer HUD = $55.00
Have Purchased Destroyer HUD, Now Purchasing Flop Defense Notes = $5.00

Since many have enjoyed my lessons on using my poker software tools to exploit opponents, I’m still offering poker coaching at my usual low rate of $50 / hour and $200 for 5 hours. Email or post in the forum to contact me about coaching.

If you’re interested in any of the Poker Software Tools sells, check them out on the downloads page.

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Plan Your Poker “Streets Ahead”

It’s actually a great phrase for poker.

Many poker authors and coaches tell you to plan ahead or have a plan with poker. But the mechanics of how this is done is elusive. Chamber philosophy is a “big picture” plan for the hand – how many bets before all-in, how a strong player can manipulate the pot size. But I want to talk here about the practicality of hand planning in poker. Specifically, always think of how the action will go down on the next street. › Continue reading

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Seeking Staking For Live Cash In Las Vegas

I’m recording an album for The Dead Languages until September 2011. Then I’ll be applying for a job in retail or being staked for live cash games in Las Vegas. :)

My goal is to play 2-5 or 5-10 No Limit Hold ‘Em, 30 hours a week in Las Vegas casinos.

So this is an outline of who I am and what my plan is – I’m putting this here to direct potential stakers in the next couple months. Thanks for checking it out. › Continue reading

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What To Look For In Staking Poker Players

There is a great chasm between those who have money and those who know what to do with it.

While I may say that slightly tongue-in-cheek (and forgive me, I mean no offense), the truth is that it’s hard to make good staking decisions in poker. And while I am in no position to stake anyone right now, I do believe my experience with and observation of the world of staking in the past month has given me a little insight which comes from my unique (if I may declare so myself) perspective.

Here are a few things to look for in a poker staking candidate. › Continue reading

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4 Mistakes I Saw Players Make At the WSOP

“Standard Plays”

Players actually chuckled when they saw me min raise preflop. And they rolled their eyes when I overbet bombed the turn. But I picked up pots in both those spots more than a few times.

Many folks have a set strategy for playing poker and consider themselves winners when they play their strategy against others who have a less superior strategy. This may work for them in soft games, but even in the softest game this way of playing isn’t the most profitable… and when you’re not playing most profitably, you’re making a mistake.

This phenomenon has been noted before (by Ed Miller, I believe) but there becomes a sort of “table norm” for bet sizing, especially preflop, as the time at the table unfolds. When this happens preflop raise sizing is determined more by courtesy than the eagerness to exploit. And doing something because everyone does, without thinking of if it’s the right course of action for the situation, is (while perhaps our human nature) illogical. › Continue reading

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Seeking Staking for the WSOP

Anyone who’s been involved in my life, knows this story: On April 14th I decided to hang up poker for a while and focus on music. On April 15th (online poker’s Black Friday) the FBI cracked down on Full Tilt and PokerStars and the money I tried to withdraw the night before was frozen. I’ve since received a check from PokerStars, but the majority of my bankroll on Full Tilt is still missing. Then, with the help of family, friends, and fans of my music, as well as friends of, I was able to raise $6,153 on over the course of a month to finance the recording of the debut album of my project, The Dead Languages.

So now, recording is going in full swing for me. But as I stated in another post, I’m still selling my products on this site, offering customer support, and coaching – that won’t change anytime soon. › Continue reading

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I Quit Playing Online Poker To Do What?!?

That’s right. After 2 years of being a professional online poker player, I’ve thrown in the towel. To be a songwriter. Wait, what? Check it out:

Now perhaps this is just a phase… I mean we never really quit poker. As Tommy Angelo said in the foreword of his book, The Elements of Poker, “…I accidentally became a full-time professional musician for eight years. My relationship with Poker stayed strong, even though I continued to split my affections. In my life, I have obsessed for years each at scrabble, and chess, and backgammon, and gin, and through it all, there was Poker, always Poker, ready to take me back.”

So I’m sure I’ll be back. But right now I’ve got a sick obsession with making music and writing songs. And I can’t tell you how many lyrics I’ve written that have double meanings reflecting poker… e.g. “if you keep from going broke, you’ll never make any money” or “every hand, every moment, every chance you get…”

To those that wish me well on this adventure, you have my thanks. I’m sure many of the regs at 100NL on Full Tilt will be glad to see me gone! My project, The Dead Languages, is presently taking pre-orders and raising funding on

Don’t worry about this site, though. I will still be selling and supporting my Poker Software Tools: The Destroyer HUD, The Crusher HUD, and the Flop Defense Notes. I will also still be coaching. And I will check the forum at least once a day in order to continue serving the needs of my customers.

I’ve obsessed about Poker for what seems like a very long time. I’ve seen around 1.3 million hands. Now I’m going to hang it up for a while to write pretty songs. :)

EDIT: There’s a pretty fantastic article written about this by the Las Vegas Weekly:

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Flop Defense Notes Updated

The Flop Defense Notes Package for NoteCaddy has been updated and is available for download. The updated notes now support all game sizes from Heads-Up to 6-Max to Full Ring. (The previous version did not support Heads-Up.) Keep in mind, the definition for ‘Reg’ should be very different for Heads-Up players versus Full Ring or 6-Max… so adjust this according to how you see fit if you would like to use the Flop Defense Notes for Heads-Up play.

You will need a new password for the updated Flop Defense Notes.

Send an email to with the following in the subject line only,:

FDN Update

and I will email you your personal password (good on up to 2 computers) for the Updated Flop Defense Notes. (Please send from the email from which you purchased the original Flop Defense Notes.)

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NoteCaddy Custom Definition Contest!

NoteCaddy is having a contest to find some really great custom note definitions.

Stop on over there to check out and download the submissions (free!) or go ahead and enter the contest with your own custom note definitions. And don’t worry, I won’t be entering my 640 Custom Note Definitions (i.e. the Flop Defense Notes). :)

Good luck!

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Color Code Your Full Tilt & Poker Stars Notes

In Less Than 10 Minutes With Poker Tracker 3… for free.

There are now a few programs for purchase out there that color code your Full Tilt or Poker Stars player notes. These programs typically range from $25 to $50. They also often take several hours to run and not one of them presently supports custom statistics for PT3. I’m going to show you how you can color code all your player notes in less than 10 minutes for free using Poker Tracker 3.

  • You generate a custom report using custom stats.
  • User input in the Auto Rate description triggers the color code.
  • You export the report’s CSV and use ‘Find and Replace’ to tidy it up.
  • You copy and paste tidy color coded notes into your poker site’s XML file.
  • You are able to table select and identify opponents instantly (Rush Poker anyone?)
  • ReservedSeat

    Should I take this seat?

    › Continue reading

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    Thursday, November 4th, 2010 Color Coding 4 Comments